The Blow & Go Holster

Provides safety, discreet placement, and easy access to your ignition interlock device.

Compatible With the Following Interlock Manufacturers

*Blow & Go Holster LLC is not owned, operated, endorsed, or associated with the above companies. The use of their logo or name is for informative and comparative purposes only.

Choose a Mounting Unit for Your Ignition Interlock Device

Smart Start

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Low Cost

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How It Works

Clean Mount Area

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Mount It

Remove adhesive backing or use included self-tapping screws to mount the Blow & Go Holster to your preferred position.

That's It!

Have peace of mind knowing you can easily access your Ignition Interlock device while safely keeping excess cords tucked away.

The Benefits

Offers a sense of peace knowing that you don't have to fumble around for your device during a rolling test.
Small footprint with lots of mounting options
Easily attaches with included self-tapping screws or strong adhesive-backed velcro.
Tucks away excess device cords and keeps it hidden under your dash.
Compatible with most Ignition Interlock devices including: Smart Start, Guardian, Intoxalock, LifeSafer, Low Cost, and Draeger.
Never miss a test by keeping your device within view and easily accessible.


The holster came yesterday. It’s so perfect! Thank you so much!!

Perfect for Smart Start! Very pleased with the new design. These should come with every device since the devices themselves are a driving hazard. This is discreet and fits nicely against the panel under my steering wheel (compact car) but still visible to me which is a must since I can't hear the alarm over my music. Great job redesigning and thanks for sending the new model! It's perfect!

Great product! Does exactly what it's supposed to do - keeps the cord away from the feet and the device right where it's supposed to be. Highly recommended for the value.