About Us

Blow and Go Holster LLC was founded by a man who was frustrated with his ignition interlock device. One day driving on the highway, Jon Riggs looked down at his blow-n-go, which was draped over the center console, and had a vision. An extremely simple device that mounts to the center console, harnesses the cord and interlock device in one unit, and allows you to see the face of the interlock device at all times. He checked on Google and Amazon for anything that fit what he imagined, and found nothing.

With the help of some friends, Jon made a functioning prototype and filed a patent. At first, Jon attempted to explain the concept to various friends and family, but most could not relate to the unique issues that having an ignition interlock poses. He showed his initial sketches to the installer that handles his monthly calibration whom told him “nah, we usually just leave the interlocks in the center console and people are fine with that”. Jon liked using his holster, and assumed there were other people out there with the same frustrations, so he pressed on and found scores of frustrated ignition interlock users looking for the solution that he conceptualized.

His longtime friend, Zach Thorp helped with the 3D printing, setting up an Amazon store, and listing the first units for sale. Zach took Jon’s vision and cardboard prototype and made it into a usable product. They quietly gathered feedback from customers and tweaked the design, making thousands of iterations to the Blow and Go Holster before finding the right balance between design and functionality.

Jon and Zach recruited their other longtime friend, Shane Martin as CFO to provide his financial acumen and help scale the company further. They also brought on Josh Manfredi to provide the digital marketing know-how the company desperately needed. One year since filing the patent, Blow and Go Holster LLC is selling holsters for ignition interlock devices faster than we can have them made, and it’s all because of one person’s frustration with his interlock device.