Self Tapping Screws

This is the most secure mounting option. It will leave two small holes on the dash once the unit is removed. Use the included self-tapping screws to mount the unit (rectangular side with hooks) in the desired position in your vehicle where you want the ignition interlock to sit. A standard Philips screw driver will suffice, and the screws can be inserted anywhere on the back of the unit near the hooks.


The unit also includes a Velcro adhesive option. Dash boards are made to be stain and stick proof, and mounting the holster using adhesive is not as effective as using screws. It will minimize any lasting marks on the dash.

  1. Ensure the area where the holster will be mounted is free from debris or dash cleaning/protectant products (ArmorAll, Turtle Wax). These products will prevent the Blow and Go Holster from adhering to the dash effectively. Thoroughly clean the area where the holster will be placed with water and towel, and let dry completely.
  2. Remove the adhesive backing from the Blow and Go Holster (rectangular side) and stick onto the desired position. Hold firmly for 30 seconds. The adhesive will be ineffective if peeled off and placed back on again.
  3. After mounting the holster, it is important to wait 24 hours for the adhesive to set before using it. When attaching the chord to the hooks, make sure there’s as little tension as possible pulling on the holster while ensuring there’s enough slack to pull the interlock to your mouth for a test.
  4. The adhesive can be removed from gently scrapping/scrubbing the adhesive from the dash. Goo Gone and alcohol-based cleaning products also work well.